Le Chiavi del Silenzio (The Keys of Silence) from Davide Di Giannantonio on Vimeo.

The Keys of Silence is a book which collects legends from the italian Valle Grana, a small valley in Piedmont. Next to the stories there areillustrations, hand made maps and descriptions of the tracks for hikers and people who want to discover the places of the legends.

Snail Studio, in order to promote this cultural initiative, has made a book trailer that shows the immutable (or not?) places of the legendsduring the course of time.

Photography and post-production: Davide Di Giannantonio
Location scouting and Moving Machines:Cristiano Sorzana
Additional photography: Simona Giordano, Rosanna Marro, Beatrice Rosso
Voice: Giorgio Casiraghi

Special thanks to Jacopo Landi, Paolo Armao, Maurizio Casini, Davide Cerroni, Casa Editrice Libri della Bussola,Timelapse Italia.