… for 50 years we welcome you in our little corner of the world ….

Aquila Nera, whose roots sink in the nineteenth century, tells the story of the family MOLINERI and the enterprising gold diggers of Monterosso.

Inn for travelers from the end of 800, tavern of the Marchiò family in the 50s: the gold diggers of Monterosso who, with their work in the tavern financed their excavations ‘by hand’ in the various mines in search of the precious mineral, since 1967 belongs to our family.

The strength of grandmother Giovanna, the determination of my parents Mario and Irma, mine resourcefulness and of my brother Massimo are the cornerstones of the hotel.

We offer you ..

  • the simplicity of a rustic and well-kept environment
  • the tradition of the dishes cooked on the “putagè”, the stove fueled by the wood of our woods
  • the incomparable value of the raw materials at km0 and in the beautiful season of our garden
  • the warmth of the fireplace in the restaurant hall in the snowy winter evenings
  • the freshness of our garden where you can enjoy precious moments of relaxation and silence
  • a simple and sincere hospitality,
  • we are open all year: only two short closures one in the month of October and one in February.