The territory of Valle Grana is located in the southeast corner of Piedmont and exactly between the Stura and Maira rivers.

Here is Monterosso Grana, place in mid-valley and located 720 meters above sea level in a wide basin where the plain gives way to a more typical mountain landscape.

The valley maintains its high mountain villages and lush hiking trails. The beauties of the country to be missed are: the castle of the Marquis of Saluzzo,
the striking frescoes in the S. Sebastian’s chapel and the various local museums, the mill, churches in Monterosso , San Pietro and Frise.

Monterosso Grana offers all services: shops, post office, bank, medical clinic, pharmacy, bus.

For fun: disco, tennis, soccer, volleyball, library.

For cycling enthusiasts: mountain bikers can travel the paths of Rampignado (path that winds through the middle and lower valley along forest roads crossing
magnificent scenery of thick forests that open onto breathtaking views), or follow in the footsteps of the Iron Bike (the race which is held in September and has now reached international fame), or even follow the paths followed by the Tour of Italy.

All year round: excursions accompanied in the central valley on the path of the loop “Curnis” through ancient villages and interesting places of the Valley, or follow the mountain route
that runs through the watershed with the Valle Stura from France to Prato Cervasca (“Curnis auta”)

Towards Castelmagno you can traveled the path of the Great Crossing the Alps (GTA) that crosses the upper valley of the Dead with a stop at the shrine of St. Magnus, located at 1760 m altitude on a
pleasant terrace pascolivo.

Like ancient pilgrims, the hikers will converge today from nearby valleys, following along those paths of the past. Aquila Nera has recently become a stopping place of the rising footpath “INTERVAL”:
a new venture of the “Compagnia del Buon Cammino”, which is open to all those who believe that exploration is possible even in the places visited daily. INTERVAL is a major route that connects Pagno in the Po Valley, with Villanova Mondovi in Val Ellero.