The Black Truffle in Valle Grana…

The Piedmont region and, in particular, the hills of Monferrato and Langhe are famous from a long time for the presence of the delicious Tuber Magnatum, the white truffle.

The territory of Valle Grana, therefore, has a vocation to the production of Tuber melamosporum, the black truffle. This is evidenced by the spontaneous presence of the fungus, the search that about from forty years takes place in the woods of the valley, and not least, the scientific confirmation by technicians on the aptitude of this territory to production, meant as a combination of favorable characteristics of soil, climate, vegetation and slope morphology.

The Black truffles in Piedmont have long lived in the shadow of the white truffle undoubtedly more prestigious and well-known, but despite this, in the last decade, the interest in the black truffle it is greatly increased. The causes are to be found in the price, which is accessible to a wider audience, and in the possibility of cultivation, practice currently not achievable with the white truffles.
(taken from: Associazione Tartuficoltori Valle Grana)

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